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. >> if it came through the white house, then she didn't give a straight story. joe lieberman, who is fascinating to watch politically because you never know which way he's going to go, he's usually a faithful ally of mccain and graham, but this afternoon joe lieberman came to a far different conclusion. take a listen. >> i specifically asked her whether at any point prior to going on those sunday morning television shows she was briefed or urged to say certain things by anybody in the white house related to the campaign or political operation. she said no, she was not given messaging points at all by the white house. to me, based on her public record and her public service, barring some evidence to the contrary, i think she's answered the questions that i have about why she said the things she did on those sunday morning talk shows. >> well, there you have joe lieberman. i think he's an honest broker in this case saying everything he asked her the right questions, did you get any pr advice from the white house, any way to spin this thing so it looks like it was a spontaneous demonstration we cou
. >> your chairman came out, joe lieberman, and said obviously he won't get a vote because he is retiring. he asked the same questions, presumably got the same answers, and said he thinks she is -- >> we i didn't sit in on his briefing so i don't know that the exchanges were the same. >> would you go as far as some of your colleagues and place a hold on her nomination? [ question inaudible ] >> i think john kerry would be an excellent appointment and would be easily confirmed by his colleagues. >> senator -- >> thank you. >> she'll be back this afternoon to answer other questions but has a meeting. >> all right. so that was great timing on behalf of our dana bash, getting those -- that lineup right away of senator susan collins, republican of maine, who is the top republican on the homeland security committee. and her comments were clear, in fact crystal clear. one thing she brought up that was very significant and somewhat different from what we've heard in terms of criticisms from other republican senators has been that she was very troubled over the 1998 series of embassey bombings in
was under no political influence from the white house. >> reporter: joe lieberman is quitting the senate and won't have a vote. rice and the president have a special relationship forged during his first campaign. much closer than his cordial working relationship with hillary clinton, the iconic secretary of state rice would be succeeding. the president has made it clear he will fight for rice. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> reporter: and today the white house was not backing down. >> the focus on, some might say, obsession on comments made on sunday's shows seems to me and to many to be misplaced. >> reporter: rice told the senator she wanted a chance to clear her name. but later, two of the senators she met with said they would still put a hold on her nomination. that's senate speak for blocking it. still, the white house is planning to fight for her, and senate democratic leaders say they can get her confirmed. >> andrea mitchell at the state department to start us off tonight. andrea, thanks. >>> overseas today
joe lieberman. today sh after meeting with ambassador rice, joe lieberman chose not to join the baseless criticism of ambassador rice. >> based on what she has said as clearly as possible, backed up by the director of the cia, i think it wouldn't be fair to disqualify her based on what she said. >> ambassador rice released this statement after meeting with the republican senators. while we certainly wish we had >> ambassador rice released this statement after meeting with the republican senators. joining me now, msnbc's karen finney and howard fineman. howard, what is your understanding of how these meetings actually went today? we got a very little by way of actual reports on what went on there. you've got lindsey graham trying to say something happened in this meeting to make the situation worse. what could that have been? >> well, from talking to a top official in the white house and to senator mccain, behind closed doors, the meeting wasn't as contentious as those statements after ward made it sound. at least as regard to ambassador rice. i think both sides agree that th
that just wrapped up with senator joe lieberman because he is the chair of the homeland security committee. he came out and, you're right, had a very different take. he just told reporters moments ago that he believes that she is qualified to be secretary of state or anything else if the president chooses to nominate her and didn't hear anything in the private classified meeting he had moments ago to make him think otherwise. a very different take than senators graham and mccain and ayotte and i just to give you an interesting subplot here, joe lieberman and mccain and graham, used to be impossible to find daylight between the three of them. they were the three ameegos, they almost never disagreed on anything when it comes to policy during the campaign, the presidential campaign, mccain aids said to make him happy they would give him cookies and joe lieberman. but in this particular case, they have a difference. bad news for susan rice is that joe lieberman won't be here next time if she does come up for a vote because he's retiring. >> right. says he's done. dana bash, thank you. thank yo
, and the connecticut independent joe lieberman. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." >>> 35 members of congress retired this year. ten in the senate. 25 in the house. the highest number of retirmts since 1996. i sat down with four of the retirees at senate joe lieberman's hide-away offense in the capitol to talk about what they'll miss, what they won't miss, the days they'll remember the most and what's still left to do before they go. let me start out. we are at the end of the year. we are looking at a situation where the country is about to go off the so-called fiscal cliff, and i wanted you to kind of look back and think did you ever believe that people -- that congress would get so entrenched in different sides that there was a possibility the country would go off the fiscal cliff? does it surprise you where we are? >> i mean, what shocks me is that we're actually $16 trillion in debt. i mean, we built up this incredible debt over a period of years. i never would have guessed that we would be in this position when we started out. >> you are all here for that? >> we're all guilty
to vouch for her. none other than a retiring amigo, senator joe lieberman. >>> and new numbers on a hypothetical matchup for 2013 that would be sure to get some votes. what would happen if cory booker took on chris christie. that's not the only big 2013 news this morning on the campaign front. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, november 28, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. right to my first read of the morning. so is washington just running out the clock until about ten days before christmas when everyone smells the jet fuel and gets ready to cut a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff? some days it feels that way. the president is stepping up his pr effort today delivering remarks this morning surrounded by, quote, middle class americans who will see their taxes go up if no deal is done. he'll sit down with more than a dozen ceos hater today including several who were prominent supporters of mitt romney. the white house even has a new hash tag called #pound#my2k. i asked jay carney whether this is just a game of running out the clock until the r
're unfit because you're imparting secrets. >> exactly. >> rice was able to win over someone, joe lieberman. take a listen. >> i would not feel that her appearances and anything she said on those sunday morning talk shows september 16th would disqualify her for appointment to any other office. >> leishman in the context, he's retiring, he's not going to be around to vote on this. but is he signaling for other democrats basically that she has a clear path if her name does come up for nomination? >> i think that's right. joe lieberman is conservative, a hawk, respected by some senators on foreign policy issues. there may be three republican senators who don't like her, another 97 who have votes, the house members who have been campaigning against her don't have votes. something chip said, it would be weird or odd for this process to be playing out if she is not going to be nominated as secretary of state. chip, it shows i think a real political premise on your part, and i think unfortunately shared by so much of your party here, she's a cabinet-level foreign policy person. so if you're seriou
hikes and spending cuts. retiring senator joe lieberman today lamented the lack of bipartisanship on capitol hill. >> in my opinion the last two years, 2011-12 have been the least productive and most partisan and uncompromising in my 24 years here. the public seemed outraged at the status quo that produced so little. >> glor: newly elected senator angus king is vowing to help break the logjam by doing what so many others in congress will not, compromise. chip reid caught up with king on the streets of maine. >> if somebody comes to you and says i'm not going to compromise, what they're really saying is i have 100 percent of the truth. i'm 100% right. >> reporter: angus king says he's 100% certain of only one thing. that neither the democrats nor the republicans are always right. that is why when he takes his seat in january as the new senator from maine he will be doing it as an independent. >> the people are absolutely fed up with this nonsense. they have had it with washington not being able to get anything done. if you get people in a room, if you share a common understanding o
, mika. go ahead. i know. i'm tired. >> i'm tired. way too early. >> she was able to persuade senator joe lieberman. >> oh, good. is he still in the senate? >> he's retiring. >> okay. >> and won't be able to vote in a potential rice confirmation hearing. >> she said what she believed was true. and she was under no political influence from the white house. >> i think it wouldn't be fair to disqualify her based on what she said on those sunday morning shows. >> in a statement following her meetings, ambassador rice acknowledged her initial in-saysment was incorrect saying while we certainly wish that we had had perfect information just days after the terrorist attack as is on which the case, the intelligence assessment has evolved. we stressed that neither i nor anyone else in the administration intended to mislead the american people. despite republican threats to block a potential rice nomination, senate democrats remain hopeful that the u.n. ambassador can be confirmed as secretary of state should president obama nominate her. >> and with the clock ticking on the deadline to avoid automa
, republican from maine who commissioned this report along with connecticut independent senator joe lieberman says the doj needs to adapt now. a good example where they're falling behind is their lessons avoiding incidents similar to the 2009 fort hood shooting which the administration still refers to as workplace violence. >> in order for us to counter this threat, to better understand its roots and how it may develop among certain people in our own country, we have to be willing to name the threat to understand it, in order to counter it. and in order to devise effective strategies, to counter one of the greatest threats that our nation still faces. >> and the keys to making the justice department better in that regard, according to the gao, are identification of what law enforcement should focus their training on, and communication of those things to partners across the country. rick. >> rick: peter doocy in washington, peter, thanks. >> well, pope benedict xvi crowning new princes of the catholic church. a group of cardinals who will take part ultimately naming his successor, but they sa
. >> you alluded to it. joe lieberman has to be very jealous, he was one of the three amigos. all three senators spoke today with susan rice. we start here with john mccain, you remember him he ran for president, cenk. >> it is clear that the information that you gave the american people was incorrect when she said that it was a spontaneous demon station triggered by a hate group. >> that's what rice said today. absolutely it was wrong. >> here's what i can tell you. the american people got bad information on 16 september. they got bad information from president obama days after, and the question is should they have been given the information at all. >> oh, senator graham, mccain and ayat. >> look, is there any chance they would have met with rice and thought she nailed it. >> hard to know. they actually demanded that she meet with them and talk with them. at first they wanted a committee set up, the senator from tennessee said we are getting ahead of ourselves with the committee. they came and talked to her. i think this speaks to the seriousness that the administration is treating her
to correct the record, that it was actually them. rice met with senator joe lieberman who asked if she was coached by the add f before her talk hoe appearances. >> she said no, she was not given messaging points at all by the white house prior to her appearance on those sound morning shows. >> so the meeting today did not settle the matter. it certainly is not as far as these republicans are concerned. >> shepard: what's the response from the administration? >> in that written statement, rice who was joined by the acting c.i.a. director on the hill, said, quote, we explained the talking points provided by the intelligence community and the initial assessment upon which they were based were incorrect in the key respect there was no protest or demonstration in benghazi. also at the white house briefing, jay carney seemed to try and put the focus on the investigation and not ambassador rice's comments. >> people are more interested in talking points for a sunday show several months ago than finding out what happened in benghazi, bringing to justice who was responsible, and insuring we tak
the things she did on sunday morning talk shows. >> so, joe lieberman seems satisfied, unlike the others who he is usually agreed with. wonders never cease. i'm going to stay on this one. ambassador burns and congressman schiff, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >>> president obama's taking his fairness fight on the road. wait until you hear what install business leaders are saying about him. >>> plus something happened to chris christie today that might, i repeat, might start a new trend in the gop. >>> and these massively long voting lines in florida didn't happen by accident. the former florida gop chairman is spilling all the secrets from behind the curtain tonight. >>> and what in the world are these naked people doing in speaker boehner's office today? you're watching "politicsnation" on msnbc. >>> president obama won a mandate to help the middle class. now he's hitting the road to make sure republicans in washington get message. that's next. to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron i
joe lieberman. unfortunately for her he's retiring and will not get a vote to confirm her as the next secretary of state if she's nominated. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a new report from the centers for disease control says new data on hiv infection young people paints a shocking picture of risky behavior. the cdc estimates more than a quarter of new infections in the u.s. in 2010 were in young people ages 13 to 24 years old the majority male. of those the cdc says 60% are unaware of their hiv status. gay and bisexual report a higher rate of risky behavior. >>> officials in san francisco today asked the federal court of appeals for 24 hours advanced warning if same-sex marriages are formally legalized in california. the u.s. supreme court meets friday to consider whether to review the challenge to prop eight which is the voter approved ban on gay marriage. if the supreme court refuses to hear the case, it would direct the appeals court to formerly end the case and same-sex marriage would become legal in california. city leaders in san francisco say if that happens they wou
critics are still the ones politicizing the benghazi attacks and homeland security chairman joe lieberman also met with rice. he said yesterday he was satisfied that she did nothing to disqualify her to be secretary of state, should the president nominate her. but, unfortunately, senator lieberman is retiring this year, and he doesn't get a vote. later today, ambassador rice will meet with senator collins, the top republican on the homeland security committee, and senator bob corker, senior republican on the senator foreign relations committee. both have said they have some concerns, willing to hear her out. so, soledad, should the president nominate her, she's certainly getting a chance to sharpen those diplomatic skills. >> what do you think is going on here? i'm really curious. there's a lot of people holding the bag on misinformation, which has now all been confirmed, at least the information was wrong. the cia, certainly the secretary of state, hillary clinton, has said that, you know, she bears responsibility. the president said he bears some responsibility. so why is the focus on a
security chairman joe lieberman also met with susan rice this afternoon, wolf. and he came out and told reporters he's satisfied with her answers. he sees nothing to disqualify her as secretary of state if the president decides to nominate for her. unfortunately for susan rice, as you know, joe lieberman won't get a vote. >> he won't be in the lame duck senate still a big if if the president goes ahead with his nomination. do we have a clear answer yet why the white house decided to put ambassador rice out on that specific sunday five days after that september 11th attack on the consulate in benghazi -- why did they select her to make the administration's case? >> reporter: do we have a clear answer? no. but we have some suggestions from democratic sources i've been talking to. and the biggest i'm told actually came up in the meeting today with republican senators which is why wasn't hillary clinton who of course is secretary of state now why wasn't she out there. the answer was that she wasn't feeling well. she was very upset about the fact that one of her ambassadors was killed in the
nation." >> next hour we are following big breaking news right now. senator joe lieberman is meeting with ambassador susan rice hours after she met with mccain, ayotte and graham. we have new reaction. plus a live report from capitol hill and joel reuben will joan me coming up. president obama takes a page from his election success by using the power of the people when it comes to the fiscal cliff. we have the latest on the president's plan to take his message on the fiscal cliff negotiations right to the public. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! ♪ is bigger than we think ... sometimelike the flu.fer from with aches, fever and
said they'll oppose rice if she's nominated to be secretary of state. but independent senator joe lieberman also met with rice today, and he said he was satisfied with her explanation of events. >> i found her statements to be significant. she was just as clear and absolute as she could be that she based her testimony and her statements on sunday morning television on the talking points that she got from the intelligence community. >> sreenivasan: president obama has strongly defended rice. and a white house spokesman today criticized what he called the republican "obsession" with her initial statements on benghazi. protesters in egypt staged nationwide rallies today against egyptian president mohamed morsi and his muslim brotherhood. in cairo, more than 100,000 people filled tahrir square to condemn morsi's decree that makes his decisions immune to judicial review. earlier, there were clashes between protesters and police. the rallies were some of the largest since the overthrow of president hosni mubarak last year. in syria, government warplanes bombed towns in the north and eas
independent senators like joe lieberman and olympia snowe so who will form the middle? liz: are there certain sectors that will be affects less than others and should people be investing in those. >> both sides need infrastructure spending. both sides need the consumption of at least foods, mcdonald's would probably be a safe investment. caterpillar believe it or not will be safe investment. roads will get repaired one way or the other. we'll just not be able to drive on them. i like large infrastructure play. it is our largest play. obamacare is here to stay so now everybody is adjusting to it. david: we did it reverse order. we put up chart for health care. that is industrial chart that would included cat. >> yes. with obamacare you have the health care companies not looking to save but meet the technology challenges that come with obamacare. so there's lot of opportunity for some companies to take advantage of that. david: lynn tannenbaum. always a pleasure to see you. your business is doing well? >> we're doing well. about a billion in market cap and still growing. liz: we watched you gro
being the homeland security panel led by joe lieberman. joe lieberman was close to john mccain. he has broken with mccain on this issue. he had a meeting with her yesterday and thinks she told the truth about what happened and does not have any issue with that. there is an the guy going -- investigation going on the fbi investigation going on, and i suspect questions -- fbi investigation going on, and i suspect questions about security, and why chris stevens was in the gaza without better protection -- again, those are separate -- benghazi without better protection -- but again, those are separate questions. host: north carolina. republican. you are next. caller: i think this susan rice thing is a smokescreen. you have somebody that is an ambassador and rehearses talking points, and she does not question or analyze the information, whether it is true or not. the cia says they knew this was a terrorist attack within 24 hours, and days later she is voicing the same thing, as well as president obama. consequently, it looks like the whole problem goes about her. i am a retired captain in t
do. and these three gop senators were not pleased. also met with joe lieberman, independent. he had a lot of high praise for her after the meeting. getting a mixed bag of response. we will see what happens if the president does nominate her. >> you remember back in 2006 the democrats blocked bush's nomination for secretary of state john bolton, what republicans are using that. >> exactly. another one who had a reputation for being an aggressive bulldog too. history repeats itself, i guess. >>> moving on to other news this morning, tampa socialite jill kelley, of course, caught up in the big petraeus sex scandal, well, now she's fighting back. attorneys hired by kelley are going after a new york man who claimed kelley tried to use her connection to former cia director david petraeus to broker a deal with the south korean government. this morning's "the new york times" reports that the investigation into e-mails between kelley and general john allen is focused on only 70 messages of the thousands that were allegedly exchanged. >>> we may hear from the army private charged with the big
is still qualified to be secretary of state if the president nominates. her. unfortunately, joe lieberman won't get to vote because he's retiring at the end of the year. dana bash, capitol hill. >>> the justice department and the house overnight committee are in talks to settle a lawsuit over fast and furious. that was the government's controversial operation where guns were tracked across the border into the hands of mexican drug cartels. guns linked to the program were found at the site where u.s. border patrol agents were killed. the two sides have been fighting over certain documents that the obama administration has refused to give congress citing executive privilege. >>> four american servicewomen are suing the pentagon hoping to force the military to drop its policy that excludes them from thousands of ground combat positions. all four women are veterans of the war in iraq and afghanistan. they main the combat exclusion role is discriminatory. >> the policy limits my future in the marine corps. i would be assigned to positions based on my gender rather than on my qualifications or
together, led by senator joe lieberman and by representative darrell issa from the house, and the senate tends to have, i would say, is optimistic school of thought. maybe the post office after all, maybe it was just going through a rough patch some of the growing businesses, specifically the delivery of packages -- as you know, there has been an explosion of things like delivery of pharmaceutical drugs and political advertising -- the package delivery side is growing. and i think the senate tends to focus on both opportunities for growth. they want to give it a little breathing room. to delay some of the prepayments for health care until later. and maybe they will bounce back. on the cliffside -- on the flip side, the house with a tougher view, a bit more realistic view of the prospects. maybe they are not quite sure whether the postal service will be viable. if it is viable, fine, you want to give it a little bit of room but not too much. above all, they do not wanted to be a burden on the tax payers intake -- in case it goes through bankruptcy or not able to make payments, we want to
rallied amidst the talk of a possible deal being made. but independent senator joe lieberman is saying there is no done deal. he says, if congress does nothing, which they have gotten pretty good at, we will go over the fiscal cliff. the republicans have conceded that the government needs to find new ways to take in more money and now the fight is centered on where to get it from. >> i would be very much opposed to raising tax rates. but i believe we can change loopholes. >> i want entitlement reforms. democracies promise to cut spending. we never cut spending. i am looking for revenue for entitlement reform. >> reporter: senator graham says age adjustment and means testing for medicare and social security is a reasonable thing. but illinois democratic senator dick durbin doesn't want to touch social security. he thinks the new revenue should come from an increase on the tax rates of top earners, which is currently 35%. >> let the rates go up to 39. let us also take a look at the deductions. let's make sure that revenue is an integral part of deficit reduction. from my side of the tabl
they're not going to be in office any more. joe lieberman used to echo everything that john mccain says. but now he says this. >> she was under no political influence from the white house. >> stephanie: okay, all right. [ world news music ] >> to think she was almost our vice president. >> stephanie: she shouldn't have manipulateed the intelligence or stayed silence on bengahzi. republicans have a new line of attack. if it was unclear why say anything at all because then nobody would be screaming cover up then, would they. >> no. >> stephanie: yeah, the question is should they have been given information at all if you're only giving bad information should you be giving any information. they didn't know it was bad information at the time or they wouldn't wouldn't be giving it. to fault rice not only to be more critical of the assessment she was given. she should have psychically known it was wrong or not potentially revealing classified information. i'm sure they wouldn't have said anything if she would have revealed classified information. that would have been much better. what? during
the president is trying to raise taxes by 4% or 5% on top of job earners. >> joe lieberman walked away from -- >> unfortunately his vote doesn't count so it was easy for him to do that. i haven't seen a brave face yet. >> the other thing i find curious, the thing we keep saying there are these serious issues around going back and looking at what happened. the failures of intelligence and security. it seems to me john mccain, lindsay graham, kelly ayotte, republicans and democrats alike should want to know the answer to those questions and every day you talk about this, it is a side show and distraction from the real issues that -- if you want to hold congressional hearings on why were chris stevens' requests for more security ignored? those are questions that everyone should want to get to the bottom of because we have diplomatic -- embassies and consulates all over the world and should want to know what the failures were so we can keep our people safe. >> right now as we're debating about raising taxes and other issues, we had warren buffet on the show. he said raising the top marginal tax
that they don't like. >> you have a story available on line with the outgoing senator joe lieberman and independent from connecticut. what is his advice? >> interestingly enough, they have had a plan with oklahoma republican tom coburn that would have some kind of medicare adjustments. he is one of the lawmakers that really want there to be a deal, the time for kicking the can has come to an end. he also says, and i reference back, the senate itself needs to make some changes in the way that the business can get done more efficiently. part of the problem that we face right now is actually precipitated by the way that the senate operates as a body. >> somebody following this pretty closely, is this a workmanlike approach? is there a sense that they are at least getting some things accomplished at the staff level to work out the final details? >> to be honest, it looks as early to know whether or not there has been much progress made. as i said before, a lot of this is rehashing things from the super committee. in some ways, this is a lot of repackaging pieces we have already seen and
. graham looks snarky and ayotte looks like an opportunist. your three amigos. >> bill: joe lieberman who was the third amigo, he said this is foolish. he was very satisfied with his meeting with susan rice and thinks she's telling truth and that wants nothing to do with the attacks. >> so does the american public. the cnn poll showed the american public, while they feel they haven't handled it well, certainly doesn't feel that they're willing lied to. >> bill: susan is calling us from rockford, illinois. hey, susan, good morning. >> caller: hi, susan rice didn't do a thing wrong. geraldo rivera admitted on his tv show, i watched it, he congratulated himself on coining the phrase benghazi gate -- >> of course he did. >> caller: and that's thousand all got started. it was a plan, i'm sure there was money involved. somebody got paid for making up the story. that woman didn't do a thing wrong. it was b.s. from the beginning. i think geraldo needs to serve community service for you know, i feel abused for him adding to my
believed was true, and she was under no political influence from the white house. >> reporter: but joe lieberman is quitting the senate and won't have a vote rice and president obama are closer than he and the iconic hillary clinton. the president has made it clear he will fight for rice and tuesday the white house was not backing down. >> the focus on, some might say obsession on comments made on sunday shows, seems to me and to many to be misplaced. >> reporter: one veteran former diplomat says rice should not be made a scapegoat for doing her job. >> she was simply representing the viewpoint of an entire administration, and many of us have been in positions of defending administrations, republican and democrat in the past. >> reporter: and there's still another problem now. the acting cia director who accompanied rice late tuesday acknowledged that he had misspoken during his morning meeting with the three senators only add together administration's problem is a the president tries to assemble a foreign policy team for his second term. savannah. >> andrea mitchell in washington, tha
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